With Gradescope, I Get Clear and Transparent Feedback

My Experience with Gradescope’s Grading Tool as a Student
Lindsay Workman | UC Berkeley

2 min readAug 23, 2018


I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley, intending to major in Political Economy with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. I can positively say that Gradescope has enhanced my college experience. I think it’s an incredible tool, and it has really helped my peers and I with our classes.

I came from a small Jewish high school with a graduating class of 110 students. At my high school, small classes and close relationships with teachers were the norm. The thought of a professor not knowing my name was a wildly foreign concept.

I was nervous to transition to such a large university. Part of my (and arguably everyone’s) learning process is seeing and understanding where I went wrong. In high school, it was easy to meet with a teacher and discuss exams. However, in college, it is often difficult to reach out to a professor when they have over 400 students. Gradescope has helped bridge that gap for me. With Gradescope, I am able to see my exams, exactly where I made mistakes, and specifically why I lost points. In addition, I can easily submit a regrade request.

Gradescope brings clarity and transparency to the grading process, and it helps create a sense of fairness, which is something I appreciate. Although my transition into college was challenging, Gradescope has helped by making a large university feel a bit smaller.

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